Use Explainer Videos in Your E-commerce Store This Year

//Use Explainer Videos in Your E-commerce Store This Year

Use Explainer Videos in Your E-commerce Store This Year

Google algorithm for ranking businesses considers some things, including how much time visitors stay on your website. If they stay for long, then there will be an automatic rise in rank of your site in Google. With this in mind, marketers have since started using explainer videos for their websites to realize this and much more benefits. These videos are easy to create and also cost-effective and today most startups are embracing them more to stay ahead of their competitors despite the stiff completion online. A site with such videos enjoys a boost in conversion rate and also a broad awareness of its products and services. Here is why you need to embrace these video on your website this year.

1.    The conversion rate is increased by using these videos

A study reveals that most people buying products or subscribing to services online are more likely to do so especially if that product or service comes accompanied by an explainer video- actually, up to 80% of all users. These videos assist online merchants in keeping track of the number of visitors on their e-commerce stores on a given day, as they may become actual customers. Gone are the days when sales would be counted manually because these videos also enable the merchants to know what products are mostly preferred by customers as they tally the number of views that a video gets on a daily basis.

2.    Interest in a product is increased

Today, social signals are embraced by online merchants because they spread the businesses’ information. With images and videos, their product’s interest is conveyed to the viewer. Another research revealed that up 70% of internet users often watch videos. Therefore it’s not yet late to start creating explainer videos, certain that they will be watched and in turn bring onboard new clients.

3.    Viewers retain information about your product

Wharton Research Center conducted a study that revealed that people often remember only 10 % of what they hear. They retain up to 50% of what they see. With an explainer video for your website, you become certain that most of your viewers will remember up to 50 % of whatever information you want to convey to them. Your viewers will later advise information about your products and services through word of mouth and in turn, you will realize increased traffic on your site.

There are many more reasons why this needs to be your next move this year. Try to embrace these videos on your site, and you will be sure to give your competitors a run for their money.