Why Embracing Explainer Videos for Your Website Is the Way to Go

//Why Embracing Explainer Videos for Your Website Is the Way to Go

Why Embracing Explainer Videos for Your Website Is the Way to Go

It is not until recently that people discovered the power of explainer videos on their websites. These are short videos that tell your clients what your site is all about. Online merchants today use them to also explain to their customers how your products and services are a solution to their problems. Previously, business owners only used other ways of marketing to create awareness about their products and services. SEO and social media marketing were seen as the best marketing strategies, but today people are concentrating on these videos for their benefits. If you are yet to use them, you are missing out on this opportunity.

They create awareness about your products in a precise way

Research shows that the concentration span of online users is wanting. People will spend less time reading through a webpage as compared to watching a video that explains the same information. A video will not only leave your audience entertained especially if it carries with it some humor but also make them aware of your products and services. Also, these videos convey essential information fast since they are often short and but packed with most important information about your products and services.

They promote your goods and services

The fact that these videos can be viewed even on phones makes them easily shareable. People do not have to log into your site to know that there are products and services suited to their problems, but can watch the video shared by a friend and get to discover your brand. Also today, there are many video hosting platforms that most people visit to watch videos. While there, they are most likely to stumble on your explainer video and watch it and learn about your business and the kind of products you have. Therefore, it is imperative to not only upload them on your site but rather share them on these video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Boosts your e-commerce ranking

Google uses a unique algorithm to rank sites depending on fresh and optimized content it has, and also the number of links the site has. Since these videos bear links, there is a tendency of most people clicking the links and get directed to your website. When you have huge traffic getting into your site, you are most likely to have more customers subscribing to your services or equally making a purchase all thanks to explainer videos.