Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing for a Job Interview for Women

A quick and painless guide to dressing appropriately for a job interview



If wearing a skirt…

  • Wear a skirt that comes to your knees
  • Sit down (before the interview) to make sure the skirt doesn’t come more than two inches above your knees
  • Wear low heels (2-3 inches or less)

If wearing pants…

  • Wear pants that are hemmed and do not drag the ground when you walk
  • Wear pants that are not too tight on your waist or thighs–you should be able to pinch about an inch of fabric in any direction without a problem

If wearing a business suit…

  • Call me old-fashioned, but I believe it is best to wear a matching blazer and pants/skirt. However, if you prefer to mix and match, wear coordinating colors with the darkest shade on bottom (i.e., a black skirt and red blazer)
  • Wear a button down that does not gape open at your chest
  • Wear a button down that can be tucked in
  • Tuck in said button down


  • Wear a nice, dressy top that is not low cut or embellished with bows, rhinestones, etc.

If wearing a dress…

  • Wear a dress that comes at least to your knees (preferably when sitting AND standing)
  • Wear a blazer or neutral color (black, navy, cream, etc.) cardigan

Regarding shoes…

  • Wear simple, low heels in a neutral color–no extra buckles, bows, etc.

Regarding make up and jewelry…

  • Remove any body piercings
  • Wear small pieces of jewelry–stud earrings, simple necklaces, etc.
  • Wear neutral make up–go for a “no make up” look


  • Do not wear anything sleeveless
  • Do not have an unnatural hair color
  • Do not wear anything that shows any part of your underwear–bra straps, panty lines, etc.
  • Do not wear more than 4 pieces of jewelry (i.e., stud earrings, watch, simple ring–that is four as earrings count as two)
  • Do not wear any color other than white/cream, black, brown, gray, or navy
  • Do not wear tights as pants
  • Do not wear tights or panty hose with a pattern–including fishnet
  • Do not wear a shorter skirt because you are wearing dark tights–even if you are wearing dark tights, your skirt must come to your knees
  • Do not wait until the day of the interview to try on everything to see how it looks–try on everything–shoes, jewelry, hosiery, etc.–to make sure that it all looks appropriate and goes with your outfit choice
  • Do not wear shoes that hurt or pinch your feet–it will distract you and you will regret it

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