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Why Your Motion Graphics Explainer Videos Matter to Your B2B

(Business to Business) Clients

Motion graphics explainer videos are a very important asset for all business to business or B2B marketers! Read and discover why these videos matter to your B2B clients!

Did you know that video is on its way to becoming one of the best and most effective methods of communication with your B2B clients? Yes, in 2016, the B2B or business to business industry concluded that video marketing is going to be a serious and a very powerful game-changer. The power of the video comes from attracting and retaining the attention of its potential customers by engaging them in an interactive and visual story. We love storytelling and it has been confirmed that narratives engage us deeply.

Although some B2B marketers may be extra cautious about using a video, the experts say that they shouldn’t be. According to one research, more than 50% of the senior executives share business or work-related videos with their co-workers per week and this fact also confirms the stable place of the video in B2B communication. As you probably know, there are different video formats you can produce, but if you want to give your potential clients a powerful and click overview of how your business and brand can make their lives easier, we highly recommend you to make motion graphics explainer videos.

We are going to present a few reasons why so many B2B businesses are using motion graphics explainer videos and determine what yours should include to make a powerful impact:

Share a powerful and clear message:

The reason why explainer videos are so effective in attracting the attention of B2B clients is because they can offer the viewers an easy-to-understand and digest message, combined with visual explanations such as animations and motion graphics, of course. These videos grab attention and keep the viewer busy while presenting the most important information the viewer must know. The explainer videos are even more helpful if you are selling a highly technical and complex product or service.

Build a consistent brand image:

Another great reason for creating an amazing explainer video company is that it can effectively help your branding. As a business company, you probably have multiple points of contact with your brand, from social media platforms and your blog to your support and sales staff. While these channels may be good for you, a powerful and consistent video can develop and improve your brand image. Also, it can help you set a clear and modern branding style.

Help you differentiate and stand out from the crowd:

Remember, your explainer video must be amazing and remarkable if you want to achieve certain goals with it. You can choose among a different number of approached when making your video, however, make sure to make it as memorable and unique as possible. Besides motion graphics, you can also use animated character videos, stop-motion, whiteboard animation, and 3D animation. Also, don’t forget about the video voiceover. The narrative of the story should sound natural. We highly recommend you to hire professional and experienced voiceover talent who knows exactly what to do. Keep the video fresh, short, and engaging.

Making a powerful motion graphics explainer video definitely requires an effort, however, it can certainly bring results to your company and brand in the form of increased conversions, satisfied B2B clients, and increased sales. The explainer videos are a very important element of any business to business marketing strategy today. So, do you have any types for making the best motion graphics explainer videos? Share your tips with us in the comments below!